X Chestnut's European Meeting

Dear Participants,

This year we achieve our tenth anniversary. Our first organized meeting was in Orense, Spain in 2009. Since then we have made many strong steps. Year after year, Spain, Portugal, France and Italy welcomed and continued to host this meeting that is the most important yearly reference for all the people (agents, transformers, producers, dealers) who works within the European chestnut. This started as an absolutely informal group that was created to organize this meeting, and we have developed this initially informal meeting to the chestnut’s European Network “EuroCastanea”, that has today an important sector’s voice in Europe, and that, from Europe, goes into the World.

Every year, this has been a two-day technical meeting, providing a program that simultaneously combine the strong technical character of the conferences with the technical visits, trying to meet the priorities of the moment and the advancing research and innovation into the sector.

The 10th meeting organization has, therefore, an increased responsibility in keeping with the tradition of presenting an well-filled program with a strong technical component. This year we are focusing on the issues of brown nut rots of chestnuts and plagues.

Bragança, 2010 and Vila Pouca de Aguiar and Valpaços, 2015 were the previous Portugal places the meeting has taken place on. In 2019 it is now Trancoso and Penedono to host the organization of the X Meeting. Trancoso and Penedono are two of the biggest producers’ places for the PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) "Soutos da Lapa", a region where there is an impressive historical memory combined with the strength and the tradition of the chestnuts production.

Therefore, the ingredients are created to present you an unforgettable X European Chestnuts Meeting.

We wait for you in Trancoso and Penedono!

Amílcar Salvador – CM Trancoso

Carlos Esteves – CM Penedono

Jean Louis Moulon - AREFLH

José Ângelo Pinto – Coopenela

José Gomes Laranjo – RefCast|EuroCastanea